Migrating from older tools to DocPath technology

Easy and secure migration

DocPath not only offers the possibility to purchase solutions that are adapted to your business needs, but on top of this, its software offers a quick, efficient and safe migration from older tools, such as R-Forms, IBM® InfoPrint Designer and JetForm Design or JetForm software (now called Adobe Central Server), to DocPath´s new technology called DocPath Ipanema Technology.

Close cooperation with clients has enabled DocPath to get first-hand knowledge of their customer´s business needs. For this reason, DocPath has renewed itself to offer an easy and safe migration from older software.

R-Forms products comprise the iSeries form solutions offered by Resolutions, an American document software company acquired by DocPath Corp. some years ago. DocPath solutions based on DocPath Ipanema Technology are ideal to leverage the capabilities of R-Forms to obtain advanced document software functionality for any platform (iSeries, Unix, Linux, etc.) or device.

On the other hand, InfoPrint Designer and JetForm Design users are faced with a technological gap because their software is outdated. With DocPath, these users have finally found the ideal solution to optimize their existing projects, since DocPath software not only covers the entire document life cycle, but also simplifies the document process in all phases. On top of this, DocPath guarantees total integration with existing business applications and the conservation of your current data, which means that the integrity of your information is maintained.

In both cases, the migrated projects are compatible with all the DocPath solutions, which constitute a great added value as it enables clients to keep pace with the new developments in the digital world. Moreover, thanks to the migration wizards, the conversion process is quick and simple.

For all migration processes, from R-Forms, JetForm Design or InfoPrint Designer, DocPath has a team of experts ready to assist and advise the users at every moment during the migration, design and generation processes.

All the names of brands, products, programs, operating systems, processes, etc., that appear on this page, specifically IBM® InfoPrint Designer and JetForm / Adobe Central Server, are registered trademarks that belong to their corresponding companies and organizations.

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