DocPath is the alternative for JetForm / Adobe Central Server users

Migrating towards DocPath technology

On top of our wide range of solutions geared towards small, medium and large businesses, DocPath Corp. also offers a safe and easy way to migrate from JetForm (now named Adobe Central Server) to an innovating technology based on DocPath Ipanema Technology.

With DocPath´s solutions, JetForm / Adobe Central Server users now have the chance to replace their current environment in a safe and quick way, as well as the possibility of acquiring advanced features and new visual interfaces to design documents, while maintaining their current business applications.

JetForm / Adobe Central Server is currently the property of Adobe Systems Inc. and was one of the first products in the market that enabled design of business documents and generation on desktop laser printers. Even though its success opened doors in companies all over the world, these users now find themselves in need of an alternative.

This alternative is offered by DocPath Corp. It is the result of the success obtained in migrations done for some our most prestigious clients, where we have migrated thousands of forms from JetForm Design with the uttermost professionalism and transparency during the entire conversion process. The simplicity of the process makes DocPath the best alternative when it comes to replacing JetForm / Adobe Central Server successfully.

Technological innovation

DocPath also offers support, experience and the necessary means to help companies convert their old JetForm / Adobe Central Server projects to a new and updated environment. The latest DocPath technology simplifies the document process and covers the complete document life cycle on any platform, from the design of the forms, to the generation and distribution of the final documents. There are multiple advantages, such as:

  • The process secures the investment made previously in JetForm / Adobe Central Server, since DocPath technology supports the same type of input data.
  • DocPath guarantees your data will be preserved. This means that the integrity of your information as well as the confidentiality of this information is kept during the entire process.
  • The data sources and formats (“data streams”) supported by JetForm / Adobe Central Server can still be used to generate documents with DocPath.
  • Migrating from JetForm / Adobe Central Server is done in a semi-automatic way, which means companies save the time that would be needed to redesign their current templates.
  • DocPath technology adapts itself to the document management needs of every organization.
  • DocPath solutions are constantly evolving and updated.

Technical Features

Among the additional features found in DocPath solutions compared to JetForm / Adobe Central Server are the following:

  • Generation of advanced PDF formats.
  • Electronic signature.
  • Dynamic charts (2D and 3D) based on the data of the document.
  • Support of a wide range of current color technologies.
  • New 2D barcodes.
  • New output formats for label printers, AFPDS output, etc.

DocPath supports different platforms: Windows, Unix (Linux, AIX, HP-UX, Solaris), System i and System z, enabling integration with existing document managers, such as Documentum, FileNet, Content Manager, etc.

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