Migrating from InfoPrint® Designer to DocPath technology

The best option is Boulder Suite

DocPath not only offers the possibility to acquire solutions that are adapted to the business needs of small, medium and large companies, but it also enables InfoPrint® Designer and InfoPrint® software users to easily migrate to DocPath´s innovative software based on DocPath Ipanema Technology.

More precisely, the ideal solution for this task is DocPath Boulder Suite. This solution is a visual tool that is constantly enhanced and includes a simple migration wizard for InfoPrint® Designer projects, as well as new options for document design, generation and distribution that go beyond the features offered by InfoPrint Designer.

The best proof of DocPath´s efficiency in the migration process is the success obtained in migrations done for some of our most prestigious clients, where we migrated thousands of forms from InfoPrint Designer with the uttermost professionalism and transparency during the entire conversion process.

In fact, Boulder Suite brings an added value to the table after the migration process as it allows users to work with any other DocPath solution.

Complementary Versions

DocPath has created two complementary versions of Boulder Suite, to adapt itself to the business needs based on their client´s printing requirements, new formats and distribution methods. These versions are:

DocPath Boulder Suite DocPath
Boulder Suite Pro

Supports multiple outputs and enables distribution to printers or via fax and email.

DocPath Boulder Suite DocPath
Boulder Suite Advanced

Allows for an unlimited number of printings for users that require a high volume output.

With DocPath software, InfoPrint Designer users not only replace their software, but they also obtain new advanced features that simplify and improve the document processes while maintaining their System i environment. Among these advantages, the following stand out:

  • DocPath guarantees data will be preserved, but that it can be reorganized in the migrated projects as desired.
  • New forms are optimized and modified through an intuitive, user-friendly and multilingual interface with advanced options, such as high quality charts, text in different languages, variable content and 2D barcodes.
  • Users can easily operate between Windows and System i platforms, where business files can be uploaded or downloaded automatically.
  • The process generates documents in different output formats and with a wide variety of printing and distribution options.
  • After compiling the projects, Boulder Suite allows users to quickly load the files to the System i environment.

Technical Features

  • Boulder Suite includes the DocPath InfoPrint Designer Enhancement Module™, which enables users to migrate AFP InfoPrint Designer projects and convert these projects into resources that can be used by DocPath products.
  • Migration from InfoPrint Designer can be performed using System i print files, InfoPrint Designer projects, and AFPDS or Overlay files.
  • Converted designs may be modified and enhanced with the DocPath Designer™ tool.
  • Boulder Suite allows for integration with other DocPath applications and external applications, such as Web Services, IP connections, LDP queues and directories scanning (on any platform, including IBM mainframes), etc.
  • Different output formats are supported: AFP, PDF, PCL, PS, etc.

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