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Printed and electronic documents are the mass media par excellence in any company and to a large degree the corporate image of an organization depends on them. If we add the fact that more and more regulations require companies to maintain an exhaustive control on all documentation, we can get an idea of how important document software is to the life of any corporation.

Julio Olivares realized this when document technology was in its early stages of development. Through contact with very prominent enterprises of the Banking and Insurance Sector, he realized that there were some requirements in this area that hadn't been covered yet. This led to the foundation of DocPath in 1992.

The strategy

The road hasn't been easy and DocPath has had to compete with important enterprises in the technology sector, but it has been able to make a place for itself in this market thanks to its firm commitment to printing distribution in centralized and distributed environments. Today DocPath has delegations in Spain, United States and Brazil. Its network of partners offers local support to its customers anywhere in the world.

Not all companies have been unaware of the revolution that DocPath's arrival has brought to the market. In fact, currently DocPath has over 50,000 installations and includes among its customers established names such as BBVA, Santander, Groupama, Liberty, Mapfre Group, DHL, Danone, etc.

Commitment to innovation

DocPath dedicates much of its income to the development of document solutions that make life easier for its customers. For that end it has a team of highly qualified engineers adapting the latest technologies of the market to meet the needs of enterprises. The objective is to offer a quality software that covers the entire document life cycle and that stands out from the rest of the products offered by the competition.

Quality and Certification seals

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